Helpful Skip Bin FAQs

Our staff will ask you what sort of materials will be put into the bin and how long you require it, from this information you will be quoted a price. The price includes delivery, collection and tip fees up to the weight allowance stated.

Once the bin has been positioned, it’s critical that you DO NOT move it. The reason for this is that the position you move it to may not be appropriate for our truck to pick it up from (turning circles, trees etc).
On the day of collection, please ensure there is clear access to the bin from 7am.

If you require a bin to be placed on body corporate or Government land, you may need to arrange a permit/permission. If we receives a complaint from a body corporate or a Government department regarding the placement of a bin, the bin will be removed as soon as possible.

You tell us.. Within reason, we can place the bin in most cases wherever is convenient for you. There are some areas we need to avoid, but generally wherever our truck can fit you can place a bin.

On the day of pickup and drop off, access is required from 7am. Can you chat to your neighbours on the day the bin is being delivered or picked up and ask them to leave room for our truck? If access is not possible we may need to charge you a fee to cover costs for our driver to return at another time.

NO our trucks work with a hoist system that lifts the bin up then lowers it off the back of the truck, therefore the bin cannot be placed under things such as trees, carports and garages. You need to allow clearance of approximately 5 metres in height.

That depends on the shape and width of your driveway and what’s around it. We can request it is left in the driveway but we leave the ultimate say to our drivers as they are the experts at manoeuvring the trucks.

Our trucks weigh approximately eight tonne before they are loaded. Unfortunately, driving on lawns after rain can cause some damage.

Generally no, but if you are concerned, we recommend that you provide two or three lengths of timber to place under a bin if your driveway is painted, stamped or tiled, or if you’re just concerned about possible damage. The timber should be not less than 2 metres in length.

Have a look at this link for handy information on bin sizes, capacities and prices – Our Skip Bins

Minimum Hire is two whole days. Weekly Hire is six whole days. After the seventh day we have a daily rate.

Absolutely! Just give us a call before 5pm the day before it is due to be collected and we will arrange for your pickup date to be later. There is an additional charge for extending your hire period, the price depends on the size & contents of the bin. Please note that extension is subject to availability.

For safety and for legal reasons you CANNOT overfill a bin beyond the water level / top of the bin. In the event that a driver arrives to collect your bin and it has been overfilled, we reserve the right to remove part of the contents in order to comply with legal requirements or to leave the bin in place until the overfill has been rectified. You will be charged an additional fee if this occurs.

Once you have finished with your bin we suggest you let us know.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a time of arrival as the nature of our business is moment to moment and delays occasionally occur. If you do have a time constraint, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you. You can also telephone our office after 7:30am on the day of delivery or pickup and we can give you a rough idea of what time to expect the driver.

You can pay for your bin with cash on delivery or you can provide a credit card when you book your bin. Your card will be debited the day before delivery. We also accept direct deposit which needs to be paid before delivery. When ordering a heavy bin or a specialised bin we do need a credit card for security.

Yes. Give us a call and we will make a time to come and collect it for you. Drivable or not, registered or not, either is fine. We just need to make sure there is good access for the truck to reverse up to the car.

Depending on what it is, we probably can. Give us a call to discuss what we can do to help.

Yes, we can provide you with help to load your bin, please telephone our office for prices and availability.

We strongly encourage you to fill your bin with recyclable material as this helps us to keep our prices down and reduce what we send to landfill. Provided the bin contains only ‘clean’ material, we can provide you with a discount. All clean bins must be paid for with a credit card.

Yes. You need to let us know if you are, and then place it on top so that we can dispose if it correctly.

Alternatively you could also contact the manufacturer of your computer as more and more companies are now ‘closing the loop’ and accepting their products back at the end of their life. Most major computer companies have representation in major cities and can be found in the white pages.

It is illegal to put any of the following materials in a skip bin:

Oil Paint, Asbestos, Fluorescent Lights, Chemicals, Needles & Syringes, Acids, Noxious materials, Solvents, Gas Bottles, Explosives

…and any other environmentally unfriendly substances.

Yes, we do deliver to most of the surrounding area. Pending where you are, there will be an ‘out of area fee’ but in most instances, it can be arranged.

Usually 24 hours notice is sufficient, but the more notice, the better.

Absolutely. When you order your bin give us your email address and we will send you a tax invoice.